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"For a riveting look at the evolution of American ceramics, from its origins in the Industrial Revolution to its creative pinnacle in California, take a look at this thoroughly enlightening and enjoyable five-part series.

Leading contemporary artists such as Peter Voulkos, Roy de Forest and Tony Prieto are interviewed along with historians, scholars and art critics.

Fascinating archival footage of such personages as Bernard Leach and Marguerite Wildenhain are interspersed with close-up views of finished pieces and works under construction.

Especially interesting are the tapes showing Peter Voulkos and the Otis group and Robert Arneson and the Davis group discussing the Funk of the early 1960s.

Also fascinating is the segment showing Arneson's many self-portraits and his controversial bust of slain Mayor Moscone of San Francisco."
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This five-part documentary film traces the evolution of American ceramics from 19th Century American potters with their industrial origins to contemporary American clay artists whose work now ranks as fine art.


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Part 1

The Tradition of No Tradition
Part 2
The Great Move West
Part 3
Peter Voulkos & The Otis Group
Part 4
Robert Arneson & The Davis Group

Part 5
The Width of a Circle


Adrian Saxe, Fat Ampersand, porcelain ampersand teapot with cactus top, 1989-92, Courtesy of Adrian Saxe
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